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Classes and Courses By Summit Speakers

The 1 Hour Blueprint

Aja Rutledge

Design your family's world schooling adventure in 1 hour!

From Burnout To Bliss

Roshida Dowe

A 12 module course providing you with all the tools you need to plan your sabbatical. [Discounted in Perks Pack]

House Sitter School

Stephanie Perry

Book your very first house sit and get free travel accommodation. [Included Exodus in Perks Pack]

Better Travel the Masterclass

Katrina McGhee

This masterclass will help you pummel your bucket list and travel with more confidence and ease.

Slay Your Student Loans

Kenya Shakir

Early Bird pricing for the Slay Your Student Loans Masterclass on 11/8/20.

Certified Africa Moving x Business in Ghana Program
Kristin Tellis-Quaye
Get help with the entire process of moving to Ghana and starting your business for income flow!

Travel Planning and Gear

Travel Consultation

Kim Hawk

Need help planning a trip or with travel hacking? Schedule a 1-hour call with me!

Work Hard Travel Well store

Kim Hawk

Check this out for travel apparel, the best travel t-shirts, shirts with sayings, from hoodies to tote bags, accessories, and more. Use code Exodus for 20% off!

My Insurance Options

Annita Thomas

Cover your travel investment from short trips to annual plans. Insure your sabbatical! You can have all the fun and let the insurance do all the worrying.

Sapelo IslandLuxury Rentals

Annita Thomas

Book our vacation rental cottages on Airbnb.

T-shirts & Hoodies

TMichelle Curry

Travel Africa Movement Shop. 

Free Shipping with Code FREE2SHIP

Mini Travel PacK

Yvette McQueen,

Mini Travel Pack - for the on-the-go traveler & carry-on essential when quick health & hygiene is a necessity.

Traveling Black Women

Nadine Duncan

Tees, tanks, masks and mugs.

Adventure Consult

Lauren Gay

Whether you’re a novice hiker, new to nature, or just looking to be more adventurous, Lauren can help you make adventure an integral part of your lifestyle. 

Live Group Workshop

April Thompson

Gain valuable guidance to gain clarity, overcome blocks, and create a plan to help navigate through life and career transitions in this 2-hour live workshop.

We Out Vol. 1

J. Freedom

How to end our abusive relationship with Amerikkka. The Blueprint.

Guide to Teaching Abroad

Adalia Aborisade

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about teaching at international schools.

Guide to Moving Abroad

Aja Rutledge

The Path to Freedom: Guide to Freedom Through Moving Abroad & Long-term Travel: Step by Step Workbook.

The Traveling Child Goes To Rio de Janeiro

Monet Hambrick

The Traveling Child Goes to is a series based on two traveling sisters Jordyn and Kennedy. 

Let Them Speak

Alicia R. Christopher

Poetry from a brave heart by Alicia Christopher.

TBW Travel Guides

Nadine Duncan

Travel guides from Traveling Black Women.


Yvette McQueen, MD

A quick guide to traveling efficiently, healthy and safely.

Career Break Planner and Journal (Pre-Order)

April Thompson

Organize your plans, action items, and reflections on your upcoming career break. This 120-page planner/journal is a mix of worksheets, checklists, and blank lined pages and covered with black girl magic.

A Guide to Landing An English Teaching Job Abroad

Nicole T. Brewer
A Guide to Landing an English Teaching Job Abroad is intended for the newcomer in the field of teaching English abroad. Its purpose is to not only to assist with finding the best English teaching job for you around the world, but to inspire people that are tired of the 9-5 rat race in their home country to think outside of the box and land that English teaching gig of your dreams.  BUY NOW

Seeing Life Through A Different Lens

Zaakirah Muhammad

This book tells the story of a 27-year-old deafblind female retinoblastoma cancer survivor through the eyes of the survivor and her mother.

Culinary Travel Guides: Food & Wine

Nadeen White, Md

Once you get to the destination of your dreams, use this culinary travel guide to help you decide on what to eat and where. This guide also provides useful information on delicious wine regions all over the world from Stellenbosch South Africa to Reims France.

Due North

Lola Akinmade-Åkerström

A collection of travel observations, reflections, and snapshots across colors, cultures, and continents.

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